Pizza Man Franchises

Want to be your own boss and have your own business?

Now is your chance to own a successful franchise!

Pizza Man offers great opportunities across the United States with steady growth already in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.


Below are the requirements for your very own Pizza Man franchise:

  1. Have a city population of roughly 60,000. Lesser populations though are not discouraged due to the flexibility that owning a Pizza Man creates.
  2. Different price points are available depending on the level of involvement needed to help you open your own store.
  3. Be determined and focused. Owners who commit to the project will have a higher success rate.


Why Pizza Man?

  1. Ownership autonomy. After purchasing the brand name and recipe, the direction you take the restaurant is completely up to you. From a sit down restaurant to delivery and carry out to selling sub sandwiches, pasta, etc.
  2. Affordable. There is no royalties to the franchise, after purchase is completed the is no more continuing payments.
  3. There is also different price points to the involvement of sending our own staff to help you start up. For those who want to brazen the path on their own they can purchase the brand and recipe and do the rest on their own.
  4. Pizza Man’s copy righted branding is yours to use without fees.
  5. Distribution channels have already been created and contracted so there is no new contracts or finding products to supply.
  6. Intelligent and helpful staff to help you the entire way, even years down the road you can call for any questions or concerns.
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